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FREE Promo for Patriots & Tyrants!

by Ian Graham on 12/07/12

Looking for some inexpensive books to load onto that new Kindle you bought someone for Christmas? Try Patriots & Tyrants: A Black Shuck Thriller. It's FREE from Friday 12/7 through Sunday 12/9!

Patriots & Tyrants is the first book released in the Black Shuck thriller series featuring former IRA volunteer turned American patriot, Declan McIver. Each of the four stories features a character that will appear in the upcoming series.

  • Can Mossad agent Abaddon Kafni capture an Iranian arms dealer?
  • Can former IRA volunteer Declan McIver stop a friend from being murdered in Boston's seedy underworld?
  • Can internationally feared assassin Torrance "AU" Sands succeed in killing a vicious cult leader?
  • Can Russian soldiers capture Chechen terrorist Ruslan Baktayev in the aftermath of the Beslan School Massacre?
  • Amazon readers are saying great things about Patriots & Tyrants:

    "This d├ębut by Ian Graham is a stunning collection of four short stories, giving you an insight to what is to come from this author. A precursor of his upcoming full length novel, Veil of Civility. He takes all that is great from the thriller genre and packs it between the pages and does it intelligently. Well written and well researched, you are pulled in from the first page into a world of smoke and mirrors which carries you along on a tide of action and intrigue. One of my favourite authors, Robert Ludlum did this very well; is Mr Graham the new Ludlum?"       ~ Amazon User Review

    "I'm calling this a well-done debut and I look forward to more from this author. Highly recommended."    ~ Amazon User Review

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